Confirmed Subdivisions

Information from Burnet County 911 Coordinator Brett Poage, public announcements, newspaper articles, direct contact with the developers, and other official sources.  Some may not be in Spicewood or surrounds (we're working to verify where they are - if you know, please let us know).  As we get it, we'll post more information and locations.

Chula Vista - 122.90 acres, 12 lots, average lot size: 10.24 acres
Legendary Estates Phase II - 6.24 acres, 9 lots, average lot size: 0.693 acres
Morning Glory Acres - 10.67 acres, 4 lots, average lot size: 2.67 acres
Watson Place - 212.14 acres, 36 lots, average lot size: 5.89 acres
Spicewood Airport Estates - 1.8 acres. 7 lots, average lot size: 0.26 acres
7 Creeks Ranches - 2241.95 acres, 50 lots, average lot size: 44.84 acres
Bertram Creekside Ranches - 291.13 acres, 34 lots, 8.56 acres
Vista Ridge - 119.07 acres, 10 lots, average lot size: 11.91 acres
Spicewood Trails - 317 acres, 245 lots, average lot size: unknown
Thomas Ranch - 2200 acres, 3300 residences, average lot size: unknown and multiple (some home lots, some apartment blocks)

Thomas Ranch

2200+ acres (1,676 acres in Travis County, 546 in Burnet County),
3,300 residential units: 2,800 in Travis County (300 of which are planned to be multifamily) and 500 in Burnet County
Community Impact article
Travis County Commissioners have approved the plan so far - though not much has been submitted
Another Bizjournal article on the development
Master Development Plan - complete with maps

A public meeting was held at the Spicewood Elementary on March 21, 2016.  The representatives of Thomas Ranch were all invited to attend the next Spicewood Community Alliance public meeting and Keith Young and Robert Delesandro took us up on that offer.  To find out what was asked and answered, read the minutes of that public meeting here.