Have you seen a sign for a new subdivision in the area?  Read in the newspaper's public notices
about another industrial plant moving in?  Witness yet another traffic accident? 
Please tell us!  We'll do some investigating to verify details and post it on our
"Verified Information" page so other Spicewoodians can know about it, too.  
Use our handy form below, or email/mail/message us at:

EMAIL: info@saveourspicewood.com
ADDRESS: P.O. Box 795  Spicewood, TX 78669
MESSAGE US on Facebook
(Feel free to use those addresses to contact us about anything.)

Please give us all the details you can and send a photo if possible - anything that'll help us
track down more information.  If you feel comfortable giving us your contact information
in case we have any questions, we'd appreciate it (and will never share it with anyone).

Thanks for helping inform your neighbors!

Please be specific about the location. If in print: which paper, what date, and which section? Help us find it again.
Name - optional!
Name - optional!