Corpus Christi water supply contaminated by chemical from asphalt plant

On December 14, the City of Corpus Christi got a dirty water call indicating a backflow incident in an industrial area of Corpus Christi allowed Indulin AA-86, an asphalt emulsifier chemical, into the city's drinking water supply.  

Wikipedia's listing for Indulin AA-86, including citations to links for more information on it and the Corpus Christi incident

December 14, 2016
     City of Corpus Christi: Back-Flow Incident Leads to Discontinuation of Tap Water Usage Citywide Until Further Notice
                                          (Link to notice in Spanish)
December 15, 2016
     Corpus Christi, Texas, Tells Residents Not To Use Tap Water
     Corpus Christi residents scrambling after water supply contamination
     Dirty water warnings preceded ban on use
     City of Corpus Christi: Water Situation Update
                                          Drinking Water Problem Corrected in 3 City Areas
                                          City Begins Free Water Distribution - (Link to article in Spanish)
                                          Frequently Asked Questions
Dec. 16, 2016
     City of Corpus Christi: Use of Tap Water May Resume in Specific Zones - (Link to article in Spanish)
     City of Corpus Christi: City to Open Fifth Water Distribution Center Saturday
     Corpus Christi, Texas, Identifies Contaminant As Tap Water Ban Remains For Many
     Ergon: Company helping to get 'water supply back online'
     Restaurant owners want more transparency about water
Dec. 17, 2016
     City of Corpus Christi: News Conference Summary  -  Map of water use zones mentioned in news conference  
     TCEQ: Follow water restrictions; illnesses reported
     EPA official promises investigation of chemical release
     City officials update that water ban continues, samples being tested
Dec. 18, 2016
     City of Corpus Christi: Use of Tap Water May Resume Citywide
     Day 4 of Corpus Christi water crisis coverage
     Tap Water In Corpus Christi Is Safe, Authorities Say
December 21, 2016
     Texas Monthly: Corpus Christi’s Water Woes: This weekend's tap water ban is the latest development in the city's long struggle to keep it's water safe.

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Reporting on a separate water contamination incident:
December 21 
     Texas Tribune: In Corpus Christi, the latest water emergency was different
December 30
More water woes for the Corpus Christi area
     TCEQ: Contaminant found in Nueces WSC water supply