Cement & Asphalt Plants

In addition to increased activity at previously established aggregate plants, 3 additional industrial plants related to concrete production and road construction have been built and are now operating with permits allowing 24/7 operations.  All are situated virtually on the door steps of several different residential communities and their operations have added much truck traffic to our already crowded roadways.

What we can do

It's an old but regrettably true saying that "you can't stop progress", but by being proactive, we can lessen the impact on our daily lives.  This includes speaking out whenever new air quality, water quality, construction, and land use permit applications are filed with state and county authorities by developers and individual companies.  This includes registering your complaints by writing letters to your representatives, and calling them.  And this also includes going directly to plant owners and managers, attempting to engage them in conversation on how to be good neighbors.  


     Board member Orion Weldon has already had some success using this last method.  Vulcan Materials has agreed to change their lighting drastically to lessen their impact on nearby residents: turning it off when not in operation, aiming it away from homes, and possibly installing shielding approved by the Dark Skies group.  We are in discussion with the plants to install rumble strips to keep dust and debris on their property instead of on our roadways, as well as other adjustments to lessen noise and other dust.  
     If you have a complaint about something an industrial plant is doing and a possible solution, please let us know!  We will add it to our list for our next meeting with them.