Link to petition, printable on both sides of paper.  ~*~  Link to extra petition signature-only sheets

As many of you know, another horrific head-on collision that killed two people happened recently on Spicewood's stretch of Hwy 71.  In the following three days there were three more accidents and even more near-misses.  This has been going on for years and the situation will only get worse as growth explodes to the west.  Something MUST be done to make our roads safer.  Not in 2018.  Not in 2027.  Now.  TODAY.  

SOS was formed for just this purpose: to organize all Spicewoodians concerned about the negative effects of growth in our area so together we can have a larger, louder voice in negating them.  In light of that, the SOS would like to build on the momentum already made by other neighborhood groups formed to tackle this.  We'd like to help lead the charge on convincing TxDOT to do more to improve our stretch of Hwy 71 and make it safer.  

We have collected phone numbers of exactly who to call at TXDoT, local news media, and DPS so it will be easier for you to ask them all to pay more attention to this issue.  We are also collecting data on wrecks along that stretch of road to bolster our case (please send us your stories!).  And we are circulating a petition in support of a center turn lane and other necessary improvements to Hwy 71 from Bee Creek Road to Hwy 281, and we will hand carry it to TXDoT officials with a list of specific improvements needed at specific locations.  

We'd like to have a large crowd with us when we deliver that petition. So join us, will you?  Become a member and get on our mailing list to be notified when we make the trip. Read the document linked below on how you can help. And if you have previous experience with this issue, we would especially like to hear from you.  

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What YOU Can Do

Learn more about this issue.  Then make calls, circulate the petition, and collect personal stories to send to us, whether they be yours or your friends'.  

To make these things easier for you, we have compiled a document with a link to the printable petition, phone numbers to TXDOT, local news media links, and much, much more.  

Access it at the link below.  


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List of Specific Road Improvement Requests

     To list on the petition all things that need to be done to Hwy 71 to make it safe would have taken the entire front page and probably the second.  We will print this list out and take it with us when we deliver the petition so they know exactly what we are asking for.  
     If you have an idea to add to this list, please send it to us and we'll include it.  And feel free to print it and take it with you when you circulate the petition so everyone knows exactly what they're signing.

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Join Us

When we receive enough signatures on the petition, gather enough personal stories, and finish up the other ammo we're working on, we'll deliver it all to TXDOT officials.  

We would dearly love to have a LARGE CROWD with us.  Join us for that, would you?  

We don't know exactly when that will be.  Watch this space for date and time.  


Track Our Success

     To track our (YOUR) successes, keep an eye on TXDOT's Project Tracker, an interactive list of things being planned, already approved, and in the construction phase.  
     The easiest way to search is by county (be sure to look all three: Blanco, Burnet, and Travis), then look down the list for SH 71 and find our areas.  The "search by highway" and "search by District" features leave out some results, but if you would like to search by Districts, go to the "Contact Your Representatives" page for the list.