Light pollution is so prevalent today that 99 percent of United States and European residents live under skyglow.  Millions of people have grown up never having seen the Milky Way in person.  We encourage Spicewoodians to learn about light pollution and ways to avoid it.  This can be as simple as turning off unneeded lights at night or, better yet, installing shields to point light only where it's needed.  Doing this will probably even save you money on your electric bill!  

As more and more residential subdivisions and industrial plants pop up in our areas, this problem will only worsen until we can no longer step outside into our own backyards to enjoy the stars.  We have already had some success approaching industrial plants in our area to adjust their lighting to lessen the impact (see the "Successes" section of the "Industrial Growth" page).  We hope in the future to approach developers and more industrial plant managers with suggestions on how to mitigate light pollution in their developments and businesses to preserve the gorgeous night sky we all came here to live under.  Until then, turn off those lights and go enjoy the stars!

For more information, visit:
The International Dark-Sky Association
World Atlas of Artificial Night Sky Brightness
Participate in the National Dark Sky Week next April during the first new moon  

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