We don't have to tell you about Spicewood.  You live here, so you already know what a beautiful, historic, peaceful place it is.  With it's cypress-lined creeks, wildflower backroads, and welcoming people, it's the best place in the world to live.  Apparently many other people agree, as every day more and more are moving here and Spicewood is growing fast.  

That has it's good points: in addition to our almost totally community-supported EMS & VFD, gorgeous wineries, and the best honky tonks in Texas, we now have a library, a Fourth of July Parade and incredible fireworks show, yoga at the Community Center, and the best barbecue joints in the land, not to mention wonderful new friends to meet every day.  But, as with anything, there are some negatives.  Save Our Spicewood was formed so all the residents of Spicewood can have a say on these negatives, hoping to reduce their impact.  

So join us, will you?  Because there truly is strength in numbers.



Incorporation is not the goal of the Save Our Spicewood organization.  
Being a "watchdog" concerning growth, providing residents and members with knowledge and information
to achieve political and community change through organized community participation, 
gathering all Spicewoodians into one cohesive group that cannot be ignored, is.  

There are NO plans for incorporation at this time from this organization or it's board of directors, and NO steps towards that will be made by either the individual board members or organization as a whole without input and direction from Spicewood residents.  

We would like to be an information source for what incorporation would mean - what it would and wouldn't accomplish, if it's even possible and where (with links to the sections of the Texas State Statutes that lay out the procedure), and the history of the 2001 attempt - so in that light, we will be posting information pertaining to that on this website in the near future.